About Us


Since 1988, Student Lifeline® has provided free emergency taxi and limo rides home for students involved in accidents, trying to avoid drunk driving or threatening dates, or who find themselves in other emergencies. Now, we are extending this service to travelers booking trips in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

For a mere $50 ($100 if purchased outside the U.S.), your Gold Lifeline Travel Membership™ will allow you access to our North American network of transportation partners 24/7/365 in the event of an emergency. For up to 30 days of your trip, your membership will entitle you to free and unlimited emergency rides provided by a fully-licensed professional black car service and covers up to $200 for each ride. Sign up today.

Lifeline only employs professional black car and limo services that are fully licensed and insured, and does not utilize non-professional operators who may not be fully vetted and possibly drive their own vehicles for less-expensive services. Under any emergency situation, we seek to provide the most reliable means of service and reliability to our members.